Learning Analytics Workshop, 2nd May

St Andrews colleagues! Do we have a shared understanding of Learning Analytics?  We are running an interactive workshop on 2nd May (1400-16:00) which gives staff an opportunity  to explore potential definitions and uses from the perspective of various user groups. The event is also the launch of our TELStA Gateway space, and afternoon tea is provided! Book on PDMS.

Arts Pilot Rooms – Evaluation!

In September 2017, the University appointed external consultants, HLM Architects, to undertake a review and analysis of the University’s existing learning and teaching spaces. This review was concluded in February 2018 with a final outcome report. Following publication of the report, it was agreed that some of the recommendations should be implemented and tested with a refurbishment pilot project during the summer of 2018. Teaching rooms and associated learning spaces were identified in the Arts Building, and these were re-developed and became operational in September 2018. We are now taking the opportunity to evaluate these developments with both staff and students. As well as informing future development at St Andrews, this work forms part of the University’s contribution to the QAA Enhancement Theme: Evidence for Enhancement.

If you would like to help us by providing your feedback on the rooms, you can do so here:

Staff | Students

Improve TEL – sign up for a Design Sprint!

The TEL Project is currently exploring the how to better integrate the systems that support learning and teaching within the university, with the outcome of improving students’ online experience and making it easier for academic staff to access and use a broader range of online teaching tools. Critical to the success of the project is having the input of both students and academics. You are invited to a design sprint workshop, where participants will be briefed on the outline plans for the integration of current and future technology-enhanced learning systems, and have the opportunity to help refine the emerging designs so that they can best meet the needs of academic staff and students. The process is interactive and facilitated, and no previous design experience is required. Following the design sprint, the project team will use participants’ input on designs to improve and enhance future technology-enhanced learning systems.

Please book by emailing digitalcommunications@st-andrews.ac.uk

Staff: Wednesday 20 March, 12:00 – 17:00, Gateway Lecture Room 2


Moodle Attendance Plugin – Testing Available!

We are testing a new Moodle plugin for attendance monitoring. It can be set up to allow students to self-report attendance; and has various features to try and minimise false reporting, such as restricting access to on-campus users, not allowing multiple attempts from the same device, password protection and time release. Staff can also use the tool to take a manual attendance. Anyone who is interested in trying this out, please contact us on learningtechnology@st-andrews.ac.uk.

Moodle v3.5 available for testing!

We’re planning to roll out v3.5 of Moodle on 30 August 2018. There are some changes to look and feel, and to navigation and so we are giving colleagues the opportunity to experience the new version on our test server at http://moody-test.st-andrews.ac.uk  (on campus or through VPN only). Here‘s our familiarisation document which outlines the main changes, although it should be noted that the fundamentals of using Moodle are relatively unchanged. Please send your feedback to mhma@st-andrews.ac.uk.