ALT-C 2019 Session Bites #2

Daryl Haynes
Wednesday 23 October 2019

Fostering Effective Usage of Lecture Capture: A Longitudinal Study of Video Consumption Habits

I found this presentation by James Youdale very thought-provoking and rather informative. My role as Lecture Capture Coordinator means I spend a lot of my time managing the recorded content and supporting academics through training and workshops. It quickly became clear from hearing the research gathered from James that I would to turn my focus to student guidance and info. It was interesting to hear how students consume the content and if they were using any guidance already provided to them.

What James found is that even though there was guidance, only a small percentage of students used this and most students were not even aware it existed. It became clear to me that I would need to engage with our students to show them a guide for “Good Practice” as most students are under the impression that they have grown up with on-demand video so already know how to best consume it. One observation was in the way students consume the recordings. Only a very small percentage did this as a collaborative group most preferred to view them individually.

From the information gathered, I now aim to create a best practice guide for students that can easily be accessed on multiple platforms combined with some workshops. In conclusion, I thought the presentation was very informative and had given me a lot to think about. It has also solidified how we think students are consuming content and that lecture capture will never be a replacement for teaching but a tool to be used alongside it.

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