Moodle v3.5 available for testing!

We’re planning to roll out v3.5 of Moodle on 30 August 2018. There are some changes to look and feel, and to navigation and so we are giving colleagues the opportunity to experience the new version on our test server at  (on campus or through VPN only). Here‘s our familiarisation document which outlines the main changes, although it should be noted that the fundamentals of using Moodle are relatively unchanged. Please send your feedback to

New TELStA Space coming!

Next semester will see the launch of new space for TELStA activities in the Gateway Building (formerly Seminar Rooms 4 & 5 in the basement of the building). This will be a specially developed and supported space where staff can come and try out new technologies to enhance their teaching, on their own or with small groups of students. Watch this space for more news on this exciting development!

We’re looking for a name for the TELStA space – you can make your suggestions here.

All our technologies are designed to support one or more of the learning activities described here.

Here’s a taste of one of the technologies you’ll be able to try out: the SmartKapp mobile whiteboard.



For more information, please contact

JISC Student Digital Experience Tracker 2018

This year, we are participating for the first time in the JISC Student Digital Tracker.  This annual sector-wide survey will provide us with useful evidence from students as we seek to develop technology enhanced learning across the University. It will also allow us to benchmark ourselves against the sector. Please encourage your students to access the survey at

New Team Member!

TELStA welcomes Daryl Haynes to the team as Lecture Capture Co-ordinator. Daryl joins us on a one-year secondment from Media Services (so he will already be a familiar face to many of you). He will be working on technical implementation, training and communication around the Lecture Capture service. He is also happy to advise on other classroom-based technologies. Daryl can be contacted on, or

Moodle Upgrade Plans

moodle.fwThe Moodle Team are planning to upgrade Moodle to version 2.7. The  proposed timeline is:

  • Development Server to be upgraded during week commencing 7 September 2015 (access to development team only)
  • Test Server to be upgraded during week commencing 15 October 2015 (access to staff for test purposes)
  • Live server to be upgraded during week commencing 21 December 2015 (access to all users)

Staff users of Moodle will be able to log in to the test server from week commencing 15 October and test the new version with their existing content, as well as explore new functionality. An overview of new features can be accessed here. Available additional plugins for Moodle can be viewed here (select Moodle 2.7 from the dropdown at the top of the page). If you would find any of these plugins useful to test, please email with details as soon as possible in advance of 15 October.

Top Ten Tweets for Thursday

Here is a selection of our favourite tweets and retweets from the TEL_St_A Twitter feed this week – just in case you missed them!

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Educators worry about using technology effectively without looking like idiots. Students? #dpc2015 @timbuckteeth
@timbuckteeth – thinking of the flipped classroom as flipping roles, not just content. Teacher becomes student. #dpc2015 @tel_st_a
Fantastic use of video example in the presentation by Ben Hartshorn and Simon Stevenson. #dpc2015 @ucdoncaster
“Why blogging works in academia” — @Write4Research @StA_Classics
Using Twitter for research. It’s a thing, now. @DevilleSy
Course approval processes changing to respond to needs of online learning at Glasgow Uni #elesig @vhmdale
No separate elearning strategy @GCU – technology is a
key enabler of the L&T strategy #elesig
Teaching staff not engaging w/ elearning. We’ve been talking about this since the start of this century. Why is it still an issue? #elesig @tel_st_a
@ClareJK talking about @unilincoln student partnerships – students “buddying” SMT members – two way mentoring #uogapt @tel_st_a
Technology is now “disappearing into use”, and we can focus on the why and how rather than the what and when #uogapt @daveowhite
@nickbknickbk talking about convergence between science and design – publication titles as evidence. #uogapt @tel_st_a


Top Ten Tweets for Thursday

Here is a selection of our favourite tweets and retweets from the TEL_St_A Twitter feed this week – just in case you missed them!

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Disconnect project: what happened when a class of teenagers gave up their #smartphones @WHOCCStAndrews
Responses to @Educause white paper ( on next gen learning environments: #highered #edtech @tel_st_a
Staff with digital expertise are the key to unlocking institutional investment in IT infrastructure & systems #edtech @Jisc
Developing Effective Bite Sized Staff Development Through
Thematic Analysis
“It is time we started letting adults be adults and accept that students can also be our friends” #highered @tel_st_a
Open Content Licensing: A Three-Step Guide for Academics #OA #OER @eLearninged
Free 2 week online course on How to Use Open Educational Resources starting Monday, July 6 #OER #ukoer @GOGN_OER
Microsoft marches on… – implications for VLEs? #edtech #highered #analytics @tel_st_a
The research-teaching nexus is taken for granted, but not well-understood or developed in practice. @LSEImpactBlog
6 useless things foreign language teachers do – interesting/controversial, esp. on creating blogs in class: #edtech @tel_st_a
Three Ways to Organise your Apps via @shuTechBlog #take5us @SussexTEL


Top Ten Tweets for Tuesday

Here is a selection of our favourite tweets and retweets from the TEL_St_A Twitter feed this week – just in case you missed them!

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Special issue – British Journal of Educational Technology on #MOOCs : ‘disrupting’ teaching and learning #edtech
We ask “Did people watch this video?” rather than, “What did people learn from watching this video?” #edtech #mooc @cbthomson
Create an effective online presence – Create an about me/profile page #digitalfootprint @UoEDigitalFoot #UoEDF @UoEDigitalFoot
Teacher Guides – – flipped classroom, Twitter, badges and more.
#edtech #flipclass #opened #socialmedia
Illuminating manuscripts for the digital age via @timeshighered @StA_Classics
Great infographic – Mapping Digital Skills in Irish Higher Education @allaboardHE
@univofstandrews’s Light Box project, bringing together poetry, photography & science is now free online: @staenglish
Awesome virtual reconstruction of how St Andrews Cathedral might have looked in 1318! #edtech #virtualworlds @tel_st_a
Tech-savvy cheats beware: Universities are banning smart watches via @mashable @jiscdigital
#highered institutions’ approach to tech is crisis driven – conflicts w/ that of potential “customers” @tel_st_a
“Lecture videos. Isn’t that what the flipped classroom is all about?” #edtech #flipclass #highered @derekbruff