Top Ten Tweets for Tuesday

Here is a selection of our favourite tweets and retweets from the TEL_St_A Twitter feed this week – just in case you missed them!

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Technology must be driven by purpose – applicable to education as well as business! @briansolis
Feedback doesn’t always help? #highered @tel_st_a
In case you missed it: QAA reviews ‘could be abolished’ @timeshighered
@StADoRep something to think about for next year? @tel_st_a
Great post challenging a lot of received wisdom about #edtech #EDEN15 @audreywatters
Are openness and privacy the same thing? #edtech #openedu #openaccess #diglit @tel_st_a
If UK loses freedom of panorama, many images on Wikipedia, many photos on Facebook, would become breach of copyright @wikimediauk
Want to be “mayor of a conversation”? Creating pictures of virtual crowds: #edtech #socialmedia @mhawksey
“If I asked you a question right now you’d google it and look it up. If a kid does that you call them a cheater.” @gcouros #r2scms15 @alicekeeler
Altmetrics – measuring the online impact of published work – #research #diglit #highered @tel_st_a
Primary HT sets ‘digital detox’ challenge to his pupils & their folks Deficit framing of tech in that phrase? #UoDEdu @derekrobertson


Around Campus: Video Enhanced Reflective Feedback (VERP)

video.fwThe departments of Music, Social Anthropology and the School of Management (as a result of a successful Teaching Development Fund application) are working jointly on a project to build student confidence through video-enhanced reflective feedback. The methodology involves videoing a group performance (Music); role-play exercise (Social Anthropology) or group presentation (Management). The resulting video is then edited by the tutor into small fragments which highlight strong points. These smaller clips are then used as part of tutor-mediated feedback between the tutor and the student(s) concerned. A workshop in August with an external consultant will give staff the appropriate grounding in the VERP methodology; and a relatively small amount of technical training will be required.

For further information on the project, please contact Dr Jane Pettegree, and look out for her blog post reflecting on the first run of VERP in November!