Top Ten Tweets for Tuesday

Here is a selection of our favourite tweets and retweets from the TEL_St_A Twitter feed this week – just in case you missed them!

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Technology must be driven by purpose – applicable to education as well as business! @briansolis
Feedback doesn’t always help? #highered @tel_st_a
In case you missed it: QAA reviews ‘could be abolished’ @timeshighered
@StADoRep something to think about for next year? @tel_st_a
Great post challenging a lot of received wisdom about #edtech #EDEN15 @audreywatters
Are openness and privacy the same thing? #edtech #openedu #openaccess #diglit @tel_st_a
If UK loses freedom of panorama, many images on Wikipedia, many photos on Facebook, would become breach of copyright @wikimediauk
Want to be “mayor of a conversation”? Creating pictures of virtual crowds: #edtech #socialmedia @mhawksey
“If I asked you a question right now you’d google it and look it up. If a kid does that you call them a cheater.” @gcouros #r2scms15 @alicekeeler
Altmetrics – measuring the online impact of published work – #research #diglit #highered @tel_st_a
Primary HT sets ‘digital detox’ challenge to his pupils & their folks Deficit framing of tech in that phrase? #UoDEdu @derekrobertson