Top Ten Tweets for Thursday

Here is a selection of our favourite tweets and retweets from the TEL_St_A Twitter feed this week – just in case you missed them!

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Educators worry about using technology effectively without looking like idiots. Students? #dpc2015 @timbuckteeth
@timbuckteeth – thinking of the flipped classroom as flipping roles, not just content. Teacher becomes student. #dpc2015 @tel_st_a
Fantastic use of video example in the presentation by Ben Hartshorn and Simon Stevenson. #dpc2015 @ucdoncaster
“Why blogging works in academia” — @Write4Research @StA_Classics
Using Twitter for research. It’s a thing, now. @DevilleSy
Course approval processes changing to respond to needs of online learning at Glasgow Uni #elesig @vhmdale
No separate elearning strategy @GCU – technology is a
key enabler of the L&T strategy #elesig
Teaching staff not engaging w/ elearning. We’ve been talking about this since the start of this century. Why is it still an issue? #elesig @tel_st_a
@ClareJK talking about @unilincoln student partnerships – students “buddying” SMT members – two way mentoring #uogapt @tel_st_a
Technology is now “disappearing into use”, and we can focus on the why and how rather than the what and when #uogapt @daveowhite
@nickbknickbk talking about convergence between science and design – publication titles as evidence. #uogapt @tel_st_a