Top Ten Tweets for Thursday

Margaret Adamson
Thursday 23 April 2015


Here is a selection of our favourite tweets and retweets from the TEL_St_A Twitter feed this week – just in case you missed them!

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What does Facebook know about you? Find out by accessing your ‘Digital Shadow’ – @tel_st_a
Citations are not enough” – because popular media presence influences practitioners more, argued here-  @tel_st_a
7 surprising dark secrets you may not know about TED talks  @DonaldClark
Teens, Social Media & Technology Overview 2015 | @scoopit  @OzMark17
New from Library blog: Open Access and content mining  @StAndrewsUniLib
Very exciting – Teaching in a Digital Age is now available to download and read #GCUBlend  @sheilmcn
Excellent post on the use of Cogi – an audio capture app that even goes back in time to record – can’t wait to try! @SussexTEL
Interesting read on VLE minimum standards – preventing dissatisfaction rather than leading to dissatisfaction? @reedyreedles
The question you dread being asked in the pub – so what exactly IS an instructional designer?  @tel_st_a
Handwritten notes involve active listening, note-taking on a device is just transcribing. Interesting study from UCLA  @tel_st_a
Actually not just another list, but some useful Google tips for book lovers:  @tel_st_a


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