SMUG October Meetup at St Andrews

Two dozen Moodle enthusiasts from across HE and FE gathered in St Andrews last Friday. First up was Mark Glynn, Head of Teaching Enhancement at Dublin City University, who talked about a custom report they have created within Moodle to give lecturers a programmatic view of assessment, giving them the opportunity to improve collaboration and scheduling. Mark was followed by Chris Sumner from South Lanarkshire College who gave an overview of their Moodle/Microsoft Teams integration. Jasmin Hodge from Forth Valley College showcased two new Moodle course formats: Flexible Course and Structure Label. Ken Currie then talked about using interactive content libraries, in particular, the H5P plugin which adds interactive features to Moodle activities like Book, Page and Lesson. Lee Coomber from IT Services in St Andrews was up next, talking about the current integration work we’re doing with MySaint, Moodle and MMS. The last talk of the day was from Stephen Bruce from Edinburgh Napier who outlined a their fully online CPD approach using Moodle.

We recorded most of these sessions, and will make them available here once they’re out of post-production. Anyone who’s interested in learning more about any of the Moodle features mentioned, please get in touch via

You can follow some of the speakers on Twitter too:

Mark Glynn: @glynnmark
Jasmin Hodge: @jmdh22


Moodle Attendance Plugin – Testing Available!

We are testing a new Moodle plugin for attendance monitoring. It can be set up to allow students to self-report attendance; and has various features to try and minimise false reporting, such as restricting access to on-campus users, not allowing multiple attempts from the same device, password protection and time release. Staff can also use the tool to take a manual attendance. Anyone who is interested in trying this out, please contact us on

Moodle v3.5 available for testing!

We’re planning to roll out v3.5 of Moodle on 30 August 2018. There are some changes to look and feel, and to navigation and so we are giving colleagues the opportunity to experience the new version on our test server at  (on campus or through VPN only). Here‘s our familiarisation document which outlines the main changes, although it should be noted that the fundamentals of using Moodle are relatively unchanged. Please send your feedback to

Moodle Upgrade Plans

moodle.fwThe Moodle Team are planning to upgrade Moodle to version 2.7. The  proposed timeline is:

  • Development Server to be upgraded during week commencing 7 September 2015 (access to development team only)
  • Test Server to be upgraded during week commencing 15 October 2015 (access to staff for test purposes)
  • Live server to be upgraded during week commencing 21 December 2015 (access to all users)

Staff users of Moodle will be able to log in to the test server from week commencing 15 October and test the new version with their existing content, as well as explore new functionality. An overview of new features can be accessed here. Available additional plugins for Moodle can be viewed here (select Moodle 2.7 from the dropdown at the top of the page). If you would find any of these plugins useful to test, please email with details as soon as possible in advance of 15 October.